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How to improve learning outcomes with vote clicker during the Covid-19 pandemic?

With the outbreak and fast spread of the covid-19 epidemic, most schools in India have closed, students learning at home has become a normal trend. This is also a realistic choice for effectively preventing and controlling the epidemic and jointly maintaining public health.  Distance learning provides students with online courses. Students can use mobile phones, computers, or TVs to attend classes and study at home. However, many areas in India lack reliable Internet. The conditions and cost of Internet access can be prohibitive for poorer areas, especially in some rural areas. In extreme cases, those students without any cell phone/ computer and students who cannot access the Internet will be completely excluded. In addition, students who use computers and cell phones for learning obviously have different learning experiences and effects. Many students also said that the effect of studying at home is much worse than the effect of studying at school because they are always distracted by the trivial things at home and cannot concentrate on the teaching content. Based on this situation, some primary and secondary schools in India have reopened one after another. Under the daily epidemic prevention measures, students who go to school will not be daily. It could be rotational, on alternate days, or every two days. and students will wear masks and sit six feet apart in classrooms to learn.  In order to ensure the health of students, the government requires schools not to conduct any assessments for at least two to three weeks after reopening, and the pen-and-paper test format to be discouraged across all grades. The assessment should give priority to role plays, choreography, class quiz, puzzles and games, brochure designing, presentations, journals, portfolios, etc. to be prioritized, to improve students’ learning outcomes through interactive learning and assessment methods.

SunVote vote clicker is such a magical tool that can help create an interactive learning environment, promote communication between teachers and students, create a relaxed and effective learning atmosphere, engage students in real-time, and encourage them to join in the class actively through interactive feedback and quizzes. and also stimulate students’ interest in learning. Besides, the classroom response system helps teachers assess students’ understanding instantly and accurately, diagnose learning situations quickly and effectively, locate difficulty and error-prone points, fill the learning gaps during the class, and adjust teaching content and progress accordingly.

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SunVote student response systems consist of a vote clicker, a wireless USB receiver used to send and receive student answering data, and interactive polling software. The classroom response system is deployed wirelessly, does not require a WiFi network environment, you can quickly complete the installation work. Student response systems can be integrated into any smart classroom with whiteboards and projection equipment. Teachers can start real-time polls, quizzes, rush answers, and classroom contests at any time in the classroom through interactive polling software, and ask students to use hand-held vote clicker to answer the questions posed, and immediately record their answers to assess their understanding of the topic. With SunVote vote clicker, the teachers also can calculate the student attendance of each lesson within 3 seconds.

SunVote student response systems can automatically collect and count the data that students answered through the student clicker, and generate graphic results in the form of pie charts, bar charts, etc., total correct rate, answer distribution percentage, as well as each student’s response details, can be displayed in real-time for teachers and all students to view and analyze. By using SunVote vote clicker, teachers can assess each student’s understanding and knowledge level instantly, and students can recognize their own learning achievements and gaps in real-time, and strengthen consolidation and absorption of key points and difficulties, and improve learning content retention.

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SunVote vote clicker (also known as classroom clickers or class clickers) is a handheld voting device similar to the size of a credit card. It is portable, intuitive, and super easy to use. The student clicker supports multiple question types such as single choice, multiple choices, judgment, and support multiple interactive responses including a quiz, polling, scoring, rush answer, random roll call, group or individual contests, which makes teaching and learning more interactive and attractive.

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How to use SunVote student response systems in the classroom?

Before class, the teacher can ask a group of questions to review the students’ learning outcomes for the previous lesson with a vote clicker, to help strengthen the knowledge or get the students’ pre-class learning situation and basic knowledge of a topic, so as to focus on teaching what students need most during the class.

In class, the teacher can prepare a group of test questions. and students use a vote clicker to answer the question at their own pace. The instant results and analysis reports can help teachers assess each student’s understanding of the topic, so as to analyze and emphasize the difficult and error-prone points to help students consolidate knowledge on site and deepen the memory of knowledge. The teacher can also adjust the teaching content and methods in real-time to push the teaching to the correct level.

After class, the vote clicker automatically generates multi-dimensional analysis reports to help teachers save time and energy for manual statistics. Teachers can measure which students have achieved their learning goals with individual learning reports and evaluate teaching effects with the overall learning outcome reports. With a vote clicker, students also can anonymously evaluate the satisfaction of the teaching to promote teaching improvement.

The following is a successful case of a school in India. Students of class 10th completed the MCQ Test by using SunVote student response system. During the test, every student submits their answers to each objective question displayed on the papers by using classroom clickers, the system automatically collects and counts the response data of each student, and generates the detailed reports, and stores it in the cloud. No need to distribute and fill scantrons, no need to use a scoring machine, the data is 100% correct. Student response systems help the teacher improve the efficiency of test assessment and alleviate the stress of grade exam papers,  and also save labor and costs. Students are really happy to use it·····

As the professional vote clicker provider and the leading original manufacturer of classroom clickers, SunVote vote clicker has been sold to more than 100 countries in the world and used by 10 million users. SunVote vote clicker has been warmly welcomed in India, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the rest of South Asian countries in recent years.

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