SunVote wireless student response system Helps Every Student Express Their Real Voice


Established in 1965, Cruzeiro do Sul Educational with 54 years’ history is the largest university education group in Brazil.


Jone is a math teacher at Cruzeiro do Sul Educational, the largest university education group in Brazil with 54 years of history. There are 50 students in his class. In the past, when finished teaching a knowledge point or chapter, he usually polled some questions and asked a few of the students to answer verbally or by raising their hands. But he found that students are not always keen to answer questions in the classroom when teaching topics with which they may be less familiar, especially the shy students who were reluctant to speak out their answers in front of their peers due to their relative lack of knowledge. He feels challenged to know if all the students have grasped what he is teaching and exactly which students understand key concepts and which ones don’t.  So he was looking for an interactive teaching tool, as a wireless student response system, to engage students in real-time and to learn students’ knowledge-taking levels.

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Jone introduced the SunVote wireless student response system to the classroom in June 2018, and his class has changed welcomely since then.


He found that wireless student response system gave confidence to the minority, especially the students who are shy. Students show more interest in his courses and are more willing to express their views and opinions, which cause interesting debates and further promote in-class discussion.


Sunvote wireless student response system is an ultra-easy-to-use and economic interactive teaching tool. with a game-based student response system, the teachers can organize students’ responses to on-the-fly questions, ask all students or randomly pick someone to answer, conduct group competitions, or even hold classroom races, to fully engage all students and encourage them involved in-class activities. Compared to the cloud base student response system, SunVote wireless student response system is more stable and reliable, because it communicates via 2.4G RF technology, no wifi or internet needed, super easy to use!

“SunVote wireless student response system allows students to answer questions anonymously so that they are not afraid to answer questions anymore because they can only see the statistics of the different answers, but not the individuals who gave the answers. Everyone was involved in my class and helped them to maintain their attention. Whats’ more, I can track the answers to individual students using reports provided by a game-based wireless student response system. The student performance data can be automatically stored on the software forever or can be exported for saving so that I can analyze them later. ”

“Before the class, I create different types of questions and answers in my courseware in advance, such as single choice, multiple choices, and judge questions. Etc. then launch class quizzes via SunVote interactive teaching software that can be compatible with Windows OS computer or interactive whiteboard. The wireless student response system interface is intuitive and user-friendly, no need to import questions and answers into the software, very convenient and easy to use. “ 


“After teaching a knowledge point or chapter, I usually raise several questions and ask the students to answer these questions with their classroom clickers. The wireless student response system collects all response data automatically and generates the result charts such as bar charts or pie charts in real-time. In this way, I can identify how many students have understood what I have taught and adjust to teaching progress and plans in time. All students can see the results immediately, so they can clearly know their own learning situation. When there are disagreements on the results, we will proceed on-site to discuss and exchange views and opinions with each other. SunVote game-based student response system help to engage students and create interesting debates during class.”


“After the class, the daily response data generated by wireless student response system can help us to better diagnose and analyze the learning situation, and truly realize teaching students in accordance with their aptitude., easy to do in-depth analysis after class. Since each student’s answer will be recorded, I can also use it to establish a student’s learning history, long-term tracking student learning situation for short-term and long-term academic analysis.”


User Comments

Jone said: “SunVote wireless student response system is simply amazing and incredible! I used it in three different classes and it was all okay !! The students also liked it… easy and practical… My class was much better with a SunVote wireless student response system…”

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