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Sunvote audience response system attend ISE 2022

On May 10, 2022, ISE2022 officially kicked off in Barcelona, Spain, with a gathering of domestic and foreign enterprises in the audio-visual field. As an old brand of interactive feedback for 20 years, Sunvote audience response system training made an amazing appearance, competing with many brands.

audience response system training

Sunvote audience response system training is a real-time interactive wireless interactive feedback system, which is used in combination with classroom all-in-one machines or projectors. Is representative of the new education era, the system will lecture, questions, tests, students’ knowledge feedback, teaching analysis and other combinations together, fast and effective diagnosis and the feedback learning situation, comprehensive, multidimensional, effective evaluation of students, improve the quality of teaching. With the advantages of convenience and intelligent teaching, it has redefined the era of intelligent education.

Sunvote audience response system training, students through the student computer quickly answer questions, the system automatically grading, quickly generate student performance analysis system, greatly improve the efficiency of students’ usual test. Teachers and students can query relevant data in real-time through the cloud platform, and various reports such as detailed statistics of answers, objective comparison of answers, score reports, list of high and low scores, score section statistics table, and comparison of scores of each class, classification, and summary of results, etc.

employee training audience response system

Product features: teachers can use THE U disk in teachers’ all-in-one computer, notebook, and other environments to move applications, offline or network applications, teachers simple and practical operation. Local, campus network, cloud multi-site data communication, easy to analyze results data, more convenient for teachers and students to query.

In the exhibition, Sunvote audience response system training attracted many visitors to stop and experience its unique shape design. It’s a mobile classroom, it can track learning, it can get real answers; can save time and energy, can realize teaching analysis and evaluation, and can stimulate students’ interest in learning. After understanding the advantages of the product, everyone has said that this is the Gospel of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, training institutions, and teaching and research evaluation institutions, and is the Gospel of education.

Sunvote audience response system training for classroom mode provides a good platform, interactive is strong, can let the students participate in the teaching process, then the current many simple courseware and projection ‘default’ a step closer to classroom teaching, more emphasis on the interaction between teachers and students, and let the classroom back to a more primitive state, return the classroom to the students.

The final presentation of a good product is not only intelligent and convenient brought by the technology of The Times, but also full of temperature and feelings for the human world. The audience feedback system has not only made a great contribution to China’s education cause but also brought unprecedented convenience to teachers and students by providing better teaching choices for the education community.

audience response systems technology to engage learners

In the future, Sunvote audience response system training will continue to deepen its efforts in the field of educational hardware and launch more educational hardware products. We will continue to pay attention to education, make every teaching meaningful, make education more convenient, and let every teacher and student enjoy the convenience and temperature brought by science and technology.

As a professional wireless audience response system solution provider, SunVote has been focused on the electronic voting field for 24 years. It has provided reliable and easy-to-use voting tools for tens of millions of users in more than 100 countries around the world. Sunvote audience response system has been widely used in corporate annual meetings, product roadshows, industry associations, seminars, CME, staff training and assessment, TV show, and quiz game. The users involve multinational enterprises, the Fortune 500, non-profit organizations, and so on. In the future, SunVote will continue providing a simple, reliable, and economic audience response system and professional services of purchase, customization, and secondary development for global users.

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