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Student Clickers for Classroom Test & Stage Exam, Help Teachers Solve the Problem of Grading Papers

Reviewing the previous examination methods :

From a pen, a test paper, a group of students bending over the desk and writing, the teacher collects test papers for manual correction, to an answer sheet, a scoring machine, students fill scantron, the scoring machine replaces manual marking, the teacher needs to distribute scantron as well as use scoring machine, the workload of exam paper scoring is still heavy.

What kind of test tools can help teachers reduce the burden of grading papers?

If your classroom is equipped with a set of Student Response System, students can easily answer the questions and the teacher can easily grade exam papers.
Before the test, the teacher lands [Easy Test] and sets up the day’s subject test questions, the knowledge points, the correct answer, and the score. Then they start the exam countdown, every student has a Student Clicker in hand and responds to objective questions based on the test paper by pressing their Student Clicker. As soon as the test time is over, the Student Response System automatically collects the student answer information and corrects it. In a matter of minutes, the teacher has obtained the test result report, and the test results are clear at a glance. No need to take a pen to answer, no manual marking, it’s time-saving and effortless.

The Student Clicker in the student’s hands is a keypad like the size of a credit card. It has 10 number buttons and A, B, C, D, and other letter options, which are light and compact, and easy to carry.

Student Clicker can be used not only for exams but also for student signing, classroom interaction, and homework. Its’ function is very powerful! The teachers and students are calling it a classroom magical tool.

For the Classroom Clicker, teachers and students have also expressed their opinions:

“In the previous exams, we all need to fill scantron, it’s too much trouble. Now I only need to press the Student Clicker gently to answer the questions, it’s very easy to use and environmentally friendly.”

“With the Classroom Clicker, we teachers can organize classroom tests at any time to evaluate the students’ staged learning results, and adjust the content and progress of the lectures in real-time according to the test results, which effectively improve teaching efficiency. In addition to this, the classroom test and stage exam data of each student can be stored permanently. It can also be a scientific basis for future student analysis, teaching research, and improvement.”

“Using the Classroom Clickers to answer, without manual marking, it truly freed us from the heavy grading work and reduced our workload.”
SunVote Limited, the original designer of this Student Clickers, has 20 years of experience in the field of Student Response System, providing professional applications for different classroom test applications in education field solution.
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