How to play the role of the student response system in class?

As the trend of introducing intelligent technology into classroom teaching becomes clear, more and more schools and education and training organizations begin to use the student response system to complete the teaching task. As a new interactive teaching mode, the student response system is very popular with many teachers and students, since it makes the class more interesting and helps teachers to reduce a lot of tedious marking work.

How to play the role of the student response system in class?

  1. Deal with the relationship between the student response system and the traditional teaching methods

In classroom teaching, we can’t completely abandon the traditional teaching mode just because we have a student response system in class. To go too far in the pursuit of form is just like letting presumptuous about the host’s role, which brings about opposite results. To correctly play the role of the student response system, we should use it together with the traditional teaching mode. Teachers’ blackboard writing and textbook explanations are also very important for students.

  1. To reasonably design students’ learning process

As the student response system is a more intelligent machine in classroom teaching, the school or teacher should adjust the student response system according to the characteristics of students, so that students can use the classroom clickers in the order of knowledge learning, knowledge application and knowledge reflection. This can not only cultivate students’ logical thinking but also help them improve their learning effect. Therefore, we must pay attention to whether the program design of the student response system is reasonable.


3、lead into student evaluation items

Student feedback is critical to the evaluation of teachers’ teaching level. They should know more about students’ opinions. Students can also put forward opinions and suggestions on the use of student response system while evaluating teachers, which can also let students feel that the school attaches importance to classroom effects.

Nowadays, many students have gradually adapted to the teaching method of using the student response system in class, which can promote students to gradually develop the habit of listening attentively. If you want to purchase, you should first understand what kind of student response system is popular with teachers and students, and then learn more about the brands of many student response systems, so that you can choose the right one for students from a variety of aspects.

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