Class Response System

Designed for a different type of test or examination

SunVote Class Response System (also called free classroom response system or student response systems for classrooms) is designed for relieving the pressure of marking papers and improving the efficiency of teaching assessment. It consists of wireless student clickers, a USB receiver, and classroom assessment software, which allows teachers to organize tests or examinations at any time, students answer objective questions with their student clickers, then the answering of every student can be collected automatically and corrected. The results to each question can be saved in the cloud platform, teacher, principal, parents can check the results freely.

Challenge of Traditional Examination Method

The examination is an important way to assess student performance and measure students’ progress and evaluate teaching effectiveness. However, after an examination, it always takes a lot of time and energy for teachers to score the papers manually. Even when using the scoring machines, it also needs to print and distribute lots of scantrons and teachers need to operate the scoring machine. The workload of paper scoring is still heavy. How to help teachers to organize an examination at any time, alleviate the stress of scoring papers?

Class Response System

How We Can Help with SunVote Class Response System

SunVote Class Response System is a magic tool to improve the efficiency of teaching assessment and alleviate the stress of scoring papers. It enables teachers to start a classroom test or examinations at any time. Students submit the answers to each question by using classroom clickers at their own pace, then the Class Response System will automatically collect the answer data and count grades accurately, helping teachers reduce the workload of marking papers and improve teaching assessment efficiency. With SunVote Class Response System, the answering data and learning progress curve of each student can be tracked and analyzed in real-time, helping the teachers measure students’ progress easily and promote teaching improvement.

Class Response System can start a classroom test or examination at any time.

SunVote Class Response System enables teachers to create a test or examination at any time such as week test, month test, homework, unified Exam, to instantly assess students’ knowledge and skills.

Class Response System can auto-scoring reduces the 60% of the workload of marking exam papers.

SunVote Class Response System automatically scores the exam papers and individual learning reports in detail, helping teachers save a lot of time and energy on scoring papers, no need to distribute and fill scantrons, no need to use scoring machines, save labor, save costs and be environmental-friendly.

Class Response System can easy to do a formative and summative assessment.

SunVote Class Response System provides a wide variety of formative and summative assessment options and enables the teachers to pose a group of questions through the computer, and students answer the questions with class clickers synchronously, then the system wirelessly collects instant responses data of each student, automatically scoring and display intuitive analysis reports in real-time, helping teachers evaluate, track and analyze student performance effortlessly, and modify the plan of the learning immediately.

Under the self-paced testing mode, students can also respond to the questions at their own pace. Students can even take paper tests or homework through student response clickers, which help the teachers save time and save energy to do the work of grading. Each test/examination results can be analyzed, compared, and saved in a cloud platform, teachers, principals, parents can check the results at any time!

How To Use SunVote Class Response System In Any Type Of Examination?

Class Response System does a preview class quiz with SunVote student response systems for classrooms to assess students’ basic knowledge.

Before teaching a specific topic, teachers can pose a group of questions by using SunVote Class Response System to quickly collect students’ responses to each question and assess students’ basic knowledge. This is useful to encourage students to finish the reading task before class and help students know their own knowledge level, find out the blind spots, and pay more attention to the upcoming teaching topics. Meanwhile, the teacher can know more about students’ problems and learning requirements and optimize the curriculum instantly.

Class Response System does an in-class test with SunVote student response systems for classrooms to assess students’ understanding.

In class, teachers can prepare a group of questions and quickly start an instant test with one click and complete the test set within 20 seconds, to assess students’ understanding and their content retention level. students answer the questions with classroom clickers at their own pace, the answering data of each student can be automatically collected and scored based on the preset correct answer by SunVote Class Response System. The correct rate of each question, each student’s scores and answering details as well as knowledge point assessment results can be obtained in real-time, helping the teachers analyze the error-prone options and explain them in detail to help students consolidate them in time.


Class Response System does homework quizzes with the SunVote student response systems for classrooms to consolidate knowledge.

At the end of the class, the teachers can give students a group of questions in a textbook or paper tests as homework before the next class. Students can take their student clickers home and answer the questions with it at their own pace offline. When students return to the classroom and turn on their student clickers, every student’s answering data stored in the class clickers can be automatically uploaded to the SunVote Class Response System. All the feedback data can be scored automatically and saved on the software when the teachers pre-set the correct answer to each question. SunVote Class Response System helps students deepen and strengthen students’ understanding and consolidation of teaching materials, and further master the knowledge. At the same time, it helps teachers greatly reduce the burden of scoring, saves labor, cost, and energy.

Class Response System organize high-stake exams with SunVote student response systems for classrooms to assess teaching effectiveness.

Teachers can organize stage tests and high-stake examinations with SunVote Class Response System, such as period test /weekly test /monthly test /mid-term or final examination, to do students’ summative assessments and teaching effectiveness assessments to check whether the teaching objectives have been achieved.

The teachers only need to select test papers of each subject in the question bank and input the corresponding knowledge points, correct answers, and scores into the preset excel template, then start the test/ exam with one-click, while students answer the objective questions with classroom clickers according to the test papers, then SunVote Class Response System automatically collects students’ answering data and automatically scores. When the test/ examination is stopped, the teacher can get a detailed and intuitive test or examination reports instantly, saving a lot of time and effort.

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