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Clicker Classroom Response System Improves Student Engagement, Attention and Learning Outcome!

With the development of science and technology and the informatization of education, more and more electronic teaching equipment has entered k12 classrooms to help create smart interactive classrooms.

As a popular teaching tool due to its advantages of good interaction, easy operation, and reliable performance, the clicker classroom response system is widely used in K12 public and private schools, colleges, and universities, and is welcomed by teachers and students.


In traditional classrooms,  there is a lack of interactive response technologies between teachers and students. It is difficult to engage every student in the lectures in a relaxed learning atmosphere and evaluate student performance in real-time. Although some K12 schools have already equipped up with a clicker response system for teaching, it’s too complicated and time-consuming to set up and use. Most of the time, the clicker classroom response system has been put on the shelf after only a few uses.

During the class, teachers often ask a few questions for important knowledge points and let students answer, but some students are reluctant to raise their hands to answer for reasons such as shyness or fear of wrong answers, thus missing the opportunity for active learning. Getting feedback from each student accurately and efficiently is still a big challenge.”


Seven primary schools in Xuzhou Quanshan Primary School have applied SunVote clicker response system classroom to various subjects Since 2018. When teachers ask interactive questions in the class at any time through the clicker response system PowerPoint and have students submit answers with student clickers, the clicker classroom response system can instantly obtain the total correct rate, answer distribution percentage as well as each student’s response details, providing teachers with the real-time assessment data they need to monitor and adjust instruction to maximize student performance.

“By using clicker classroom response system, students can effectively avoid the interference of psychological factors when facing the, so as to be more active in thinking and answering questions. At the same time, teachers can intuitively analyze based on student response data and quickly understand the students’ mastery of the key knowledge points in this class. With the SunVote clicker response system classroom, every student is fully engaged, turning to a “Think-Response-Share” active learning!” a math teacher of Quanshan Primary School said.

“In addition to learning, the cultivation of students’ self-confidence is also very important. This is an equal and free society. We hope that the school will not only teach students knowledge but more importantly, improve their sense of classroom participation and cultivate self-confidence. Sunvote clicker classroom response system allows students to answer questions with handheld classroom clickers. It makes it easier to participate in group activities and create an interactive classroom. Moreover, it can also help to cultivate students’ self-confidence and make students are more active in learning, which is very rare.” Principal Qiao of Quanshan Primary School said.

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User Comments

“The importance of clicker classroom response system is self-evident. with the advancement of education informatization, teachers hope to break the traditional teaching model, establish a closer interactive relationship with students, stimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning, and achieve interactive teaching, as well as formulate reasonable teaching plans and goals based on objective student performance. But classroom time is usually limited, and there is a lag in the acquisition of classroom test results. However, by using SunVote clicker response system classroom, teachers can pose questions via standalone interactive learning software or clicker response system PowerPoint, which can be installed on whiteboards, computers, or all-in-one teaching equipment, students can answer questions through student clickers, the response result and reports are quickly generated and clear at a glance, which saves teachers time for grading and makes it easier to track group and individual student progress.”

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“Clicker classroom response system helps us better understand our learning shortcomings, so as to we know where we need to strengthen study after class. Teachers will also give targeted explanations on the difficult and error-prone knowledge points. We do not need to worry about not being able to keep up with the teacher’s class progress. Through classroom quizzes and tests, the understanding and memory of the knowledge points have been further deepened.”  One student said

As the original manufacturer of classroom clickers since 1998, SunVote specializes in providing you with stable, reliable, easy-to-use, economical, and innovative clicker classroom response system solutions and personalized services such as purchase, customization, and secondary development for classroom clickers. To know more information, please contact

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