Classroom Response System Solution 

SunVote classroom response system solution for the interactive classroom (also called interactive classroom solutions or clicker solutions) is a light, cost-effective, and easy-to-use class polling tool for K12 schools, colleges, and universities to engage students in the classroom and create an interactive, relaxed and interesting teaching & learning environment. SunVote interactive classroom solutions are combined with a wireless class clicker, USB receiver, and interactive teaching software, which allows teachers to create a question in any way, students use student clickers to answer questions. The answering results of each student can be automatically and reliably collected and analyzed in real-time. SunVote clicker solutions can help to achieve full interaction between teacher and students, attract all students to actively participate in the class discussion, and help teachers get instant feedback from each student and class-wide performance data to easily assess students’ understanding and improve learning outcomes.

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Classroom Response System Solution

SunVote Classroom Response System solution for examination (also called clickers solution, objective question scoring system, or classroom assessment scoring system) is specially designed for relieving the pressure of marking papers and improving the efficiency of tests/examinations assessment in K12 schools, medical universities, colleges, and training institutions. It consists of wireless student clickers, a USB receiver, and classroom assessment software, which allows teachers to organize a class quiz or classroom test at any time. Students answer objective questions with the student clicker, then the student answer can be automatically scored and stored in a cloud platform, helping teachers to reduce the 60% marking workload. With SunVote classroom response system solutions, the teachers can instantly and dynamically track, analyze and evaluate each student’s performance in or after class. Measure students’ progress easily! Compare and evaluate learning/teaching outcomes efficiently! No need to distribute the scantron, no need to use a scoring machine, save labor, save costs and be environment-friendly!

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Why choose SunVote Classroom Response System Solution?

SunVote Clickers Solutions are reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use!

classroom response system solution

classroom response system solution

provide true data-driven instruction

After students respond to a question by using their student clicker, the teacher is able to see immediately how students answer and whether they understand the teaching content. This provides data to decide whether the teacher can forge ahead with new material, based on student results and/or obvious misconceptions.

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classroom response system solution

involve everyone and embarrass no one

The classroom response system solution allows every student to answer without the fear of humiliation or negative attention. Teaching with classroom response system solution creating active learning environments.

classroom response system solution

classroom response system solution

engage students, making learning fun

Student voting clickers, very similar to a clicker device, is comfortable and fun for students of all ages. Making learning fun and effective for both young and old. Interactive student response systems can keep every student excited and engaged through educational gaming.

classroom response system solution

classroom response system solution

offer both formative and summative assessment

Questions can be posted through the computer for a daily pop quiz, reviews, surveys, or verbal questioning during lectures. With the self-paced testing mode available in some clickers, students can student clicker remote do assessments at their own speed. Student clicker can replace paper test, which saves time and still allows the software to do the grunt work of grading.

Sunvote Find Education Solution Partner

As an original manufacturer of classroom response system solution, adhering to the “Integrity-Based, Technology-Advanced, Win-win Cooperation, Future-Oriented” business philosophy, and “quality reliable, service efficient, refinement innovation and create value” quality policy, SunVote provides technical interfaces and product platforms for classroom response system industry partners who have rich educational customer resources and independent developers and system integrators who have complete development capabilities, and work together with more and more educational solution partners to create professional and personalized education solutions, such as classroom response system solution, clickers solutions, and interactive classroom solutions, and to build an interactive classroom, smart classroom and promote the development of education information industry better and faster.

Partner types include but not limited to

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1. Education Digitalization and Informatization Solution Providers

Such as Smart Classroom Integrators, Student Response Clicker-based Exam, or Testing Software Providers.

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2.One-stop Solution Providers of Learning Contents & Technologies and Educational Cloud-based Platforms

Such as Learning Management System (LMS),Learning Content Management System, Adaptive Learning Platform, Assessment Systems, School ERP Solution, etc.

Cooperation Advantages

classroom response system solution

ODM & OEM Service

We offer a wide range of customization services from appearance to functions, including logo OEM, panel and color customization, language customization, student clickers, and student feedback software functions customization, helping you obtain market pricing advantages and unique advantages in brand competition.

SDK Service

We have rich development experience and a professional technical development team.  Mainstream development platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux/IOS/Android OS) and development languages (C++/JAVA/C#/Delphi) are available for you to build personalized classroom response system solutions based on the actual needs of customers. We also provide you with case demos, using documents, testing tools, and other development help, so that your development is worry-free.

Technical Support

We provide you with one-to-one development support, free demo and remote training to assist you in quickly accomplishing the development and integration of clicker solutions.

Reputation Guarantee

The first professional original manufacturer of developing student response clickers in China. Focused on designing interactive classroom solutions for 23 years.10 million users covered over 100 countries and regions around the world.

Product Support

Rich classroom clicker series (from basic one to full function one), multi-scene and one-stop classroom response system solution (classroom interaction, classroom contest, standard tests, and examinations) are available to fully suit your needs and budget.

SunVote voting clickers are simple, reliable, and cost-effective. Core technologies are verified by the National People’s Congress voting, Civil Service Exam, and Admission Exam for art students. There were more than 200 sets of college clickers that are stably used at the same time on one campus.