Clicker Voting System

Designed for different interactive classroom demands

SunVote Clicker Voting System (also called classroom performance system or class polling system) is a quick and efficient tool to engage students in the classroom. It is combined with wireless student clickers and software, which allows teachers to create a question in any way. Students use the Clicker Voting System to answer questions, the result can be collected and analyzed instantly. Clicker Voting System helps teachers to access the understanding of each student easily.

Challenge of Traditional Teaching Method in A Lesson:

Student engagement is essential for learning, but It’s not always easy to involve all of students, especially in large classrooms, students are not always keen to answer questions in the classroom and even participate in class discussion when teaching topics with which they may be less familiar, especially the shy students who were reluctant to speak out in front of a room full of their peers due to their relative lack of knowledge, how to engage all of students in the classroom easily and help every student to express their voice, and assess their understanding quickly?

Classroom Response System Solution For Classroom Interaction

How Can Clicker Voting System Help You?

SunVote Clicker Voting System can help you connect with students, even in the largest lecture hall. Not only will your students learn more, and at a higher cognitive level, but you’ll also have a greater ability to assess their progress. Clicker Voting System can be used in earner-centered teaching to prompt discussion, do practice problems, assess student preparation and understanding, and gather students’ opinions about the course and its content.

The Clicker Voting System involves every student in the classroom and embarrasses no one.

SunVote Clicker Voting System allows every student to answer questions without the fear of humiliation or negative attention. When using a Clicker Voting System, every student can share their viewpoint and opinions without embarrassment rather than allowing one or two eager students to dominate discussions.

The Clicker Voting System engages and motivates students to actively participate in the class discussion, making the learning more fun.

The classroom performance system enables teachers to achieve instant interaction and quiz games in the classroom, and students can answer the questions with student clickers anonymously or eponymously. The Clicker Voting System helps to enliven the classroom atmosphere, make the teaching and learning more interesting. The Clicker Voting System stimulates students’ learning interests and encourages students to participate in the class actively, especially for someone shy.

SunVote Clicker Voting System helps teachers to get instant feedback from each student and assess students’ understanding effectively.

After students respond to a question with their student clickers, the teacher is able to see immediately how students answered and whether they have understood the content being taught or not. Clicker Voting System provides teachers with reliable data to decide if remediation is needed or move on teaching the new material based on students’ answering results or obvious misconceptions.

SunVote Clicker Voting System increases content retention and improves learning outcomes.

After a long-time of study, the students are easier to become distracted during class. However, when students answer interactive questions by using their voting clickers, they will pay more attention to the teaching content, increase content retention and improve the learning outcomes.

How to Use SunVote Clicker Voting System?

Before class, the teachers can use the SunVote class polling system to grasp students’ current knowledge level through pre-evaluation questions, so that teachers can better prepare their courseware.

In class, the teacher can pose one or a set of questions to learn the basic knowledge level of the students by using the classroom performance system. The real-time response data of every student or whole class can help teachers quickly understand students’ learning situation, quickly and effectively assess students’ understanding and adjust the teaching schedule, and locate the students’ difficulties and fallibility in real-time and strengthen them in the following teaching sessions.

After class, the teacher can view and analyze the learning reports by class, student, or question at any time, which is helpful to evaluate the teaching effectiveness and measure the students’ progress. The daily and cumulative response data can be stored in the cloud platform automatically for further analysis and research.

Clicker Voting System

The Advantage of SunVote Clicker Voting System

  • Clicker Voting System does a class quiz to assess students’ knowledge instantly.

    SunVote Clicker Voting System supports several question types, such as single choice, multiple-choice, True or False, sequence, and so on.

    Teachers can use a teacher remote to control the student feedback software, so as to they can freely interact with students when walking around the classroom.

    Teachers can immediately obtain the correct rate of each question and every student’s answering details for analysis and research by using the class polling system.

    Clicker Voting System start a test freely to improve teaching assessment efficiency.

    SunVote class polling system enables teachers to pose a group of questions including choice, judge, or sequence questions, and to set the correct answer to each question before the test.

    Students can answer each question through their Clicker Voting System at their own speed.

    SunVote Clicker Voting System automatically collects the answering of each student and correct them, the total correct rate and individual ranking by score can be obtained to assess students’ performance and evaluate teaching effectiveness.

    Clicker Voting System does a fun contest to engage students and create an interactive learning environment.

    SunVote Clicker Voting System enables teachers to organize a quiz game or rush answer in class. Students answer questions easily by using their class polling system. This encourages students to answer questions in an interactive and entertaining way.

    SunVote Clicker Voting System supports single choice, multiple choices, and judge questions for a quiz game or contest, which helps to enhance the classroom atmosphere and realize “teaching goes together with pleasure”.

    Teachers can instantly obtain the total correct rate and group ranking by score by using the Clicker Voting System.

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