What are classroom clickers in the classroom?

SunVote classroom clickers are a great tool for student response and classroom polling. A whole set of SunVote student response systems combined three parts: student clicker, USB receiver, and classroom response software, which are mainly used for interactive classrooms, quizzes, standard tests, and high-stake examinations. SunVote student response clickers meet various class response needs of K12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, training institutions, and so on to help to create a fun, relaxed, and interactive learning environment, enable every student to express their real voice and be involved in classroom discussion actively. Students’ answering results can be collected and analyzed automatically and displayed on an interactive whiteboard or projector in real-time. So as a teacher can get instant feedback from each student, evaluate their understanding and modify the plan of the teaching.

classroom clickers

With SunVote classroom clickers, you can:

  • Interactive wireless vote clickers can engage all students, assess learning outcomes instantly.
  • Interactive wireless vote clickers can integrate the question bank, start quick tests freely.
  • Easily facilitate in-class quiz by a student-paced mode or synchronous response mode
  • Automatically grade exam papers and export analysis reports, reduce 60% marking workload.
  • Stimulate students’ learning interests, increase content retention.
  • Get instant feedback from each student, especially for someone shy.
  • Assess students’ understanding effectively and instantly modify the plan of the teaching.
  • Achieve full interaction between teacher and students, student response systems free making the class more interesting.
  • Store response data on a cloud platform, measure student progress easily
SunVote Classroom Clickers Application:

Classroom Interaction/ Classroom Quizzes / Classroom Contests/ Instant Tests / Period Test / Weekly Test / Monthly Test / Final Tests/ students & teachers evaluation for K12 private and public schools, colleges, and universities, training institutions.

Model Selection of Classroom Clickers

We provide three different student response systems clicker models, from basic one to full function one, to fully meet the needs of classroom interaction, classroom contests, quizzes & tests, and high-stake examinations. We also provide purchase, ODM, OEM, and SDK services. You can choose the most suitable standard class clicker or customization as per your requirement and budget of classroom clickers prices.

S6 Student Clicker is our most popular, classic, and full-function model, credit card size, and a large LCD display allowing you to easily enter multiple digit answers. It supports some basic question types, including single/multiple-choice, true/false, and ranking . it also supports some advanced functions, such as quick quiz, rush answer, random roll call and stardard testing, which can be applied for classroom interaction and classroom quizzes for K12 private and public school, colleges and universities ,training institutions.

S62 Smart student card is our newly released and functional model, it based on 2.4G RFID technology and 13.56M Passive RFID technology, integrate various network information systems to meet student ‘s learning feedack ,secure attendance, consumption and other comprehensive campus demand, which is widely used in K-12 schools, international schools and smart schools.

Classroom Clickers Prices S62

About the Receiver and Accessories of Classroom Response System Clickers

USB Receiver C100B

   Communication Band 2.4 GHz RF technology

    Communication Distance within 30 meters

   It can be charged by USB

   Each USB receiver supports up to 400 student clickers

Classroom Clickers Carry Bag

college lecture clicker

15/30/60/100P per bag for S6 Class Clicker

Student Feedback Software

student response systems clicker

A plug-in for Windows PowerPoint
Support choice, ranking, voting, rating functions

Support PPT issue editing
Support Chinese/English/Japanese/ Spanish/ German/French etc

SunVote SDK package

classroom response system clickers

SunVote SDK tools support Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux platform, and JAVA\ Delphi\ C++\ C#\VB language. You only need to develop once to be compatible with the full range of SunVote classroom clickers

Why Choose SunVote Classroom Clickers?

SunVote response clicker is reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use!

Classroom clickers with wireless deployment, easy to set up.

Classroom clickers with simple and light, learn to use them in 1 minute.

100% PowerPoint integration.

Classroom clickers can integrate question banks.

Instant results and multidimensional data reporting.

Flexible and scalable student response clickers and student feedback software.

Classroom clickers prices are very cost-efficient.

Classroom clickers support 200 classrooms for simultaneous use.

Classroom Response Clickers No WIFI needed, secure and stable data transmission.

China audience response clicker support class to class data combination by the link to the internet.

CE/FCC/RoHS certificates approved!

classroom clickers

classroom clickers