Classroom Clickers S50plus

College lecture clicker s50plus with credit card size, light, and portable/Ful function, and high-performance/High-version examination evaluation tool/Support questions within 10 options/ Intuitive keys, answering status can be indicated on the LCD screen/CE/FCC/Rosh certificates approved

  • Basic Parameters of Classroom Clickers S50Pus
    Dimension: 92mm *54mm * 8mm (L*W*H)
    Weight: Net Weight 32g (35g with Battery)
    Buttons: 20 buttons
    Screen: LCD screen display
    2* CR2032 lithium button cell battery
    Warranty: 2 years
    Key Functions of Classroom Clickers S50Plus
    Choice/Priority Rank/Numeric/Judge Question/ Short Answer
    Interactive Vote/Rush Answer/Numeric Score/Instant Result
    Synchronized questions/Self-paced questions (100questions)/Homework (9 Subjects)
    Key Performance of Classroom Clickers S50Plus
    2.4 GHz RF wireless technology
    Transmission distance < 30 meters Average battery life > 250 hours
    Channels running at once > 80

Student Response Clickers Applications

Classroom Clicker S50Plus is our popular student response clickers. In addition to basic interactive response functions, it also supports self-paced tests and examinations, and even text input and allows students to answer questions offline. This means that homework, practice test, quizzes, can be taken home and answered at the students’ own pace, which is the ideal choice for classroom quizzes, classroom tests,s and high-stake examinations in K12 public and private schools, colleges, and universities, training institutions.

Classroom Response System Configuration

SunVote classroom voting system not only supports interactive teaching for single class but also supports class-to-class data combination by link to the internet.

classroom clickers S50plus

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