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Audience response system learning tool helps to diagnose learning situation and teach accurately

With the advent of the era of 2.0 education informatization, education teaching was injected new vigor and vitality, artificial intelligence, big data, and the study analysis of the development of technology, let more and more schools began to actively explore and promote the accuracy of data-driven teaching pattern, make an accurate diagnosis based on students’ normal chemical analysis, improve teaching efficiency. As an effective teaching method, precision teaching has been advocated for a long time, but it is not optimistic in the traditional teaching environment.

audience response system learning tool

The traditional teaching methods of affective diagnosis usually include the following three methods:

1. Class roll call: after the teacher explains a certain knowledge point, students will be randomly selected to answer the questions, so as to judge whether the students have mastered this knowledge point. Because the classroom time is very limited, the answer is often only a few students, students cover a narrow range, and the teacher can not quickly diagnose the whole class students in a short time.

2. Preview question collection: Teachers usually collect all kinds of questions encountered by students in the preview process before class, but because preview content is basically based on textbook knowledge, it is easy to be divorced from reality, and it is impossible to make an accurate judgment on the existing knowledge structure and cognitive state of students.

3. Stage test: students’ learning achievements at a certain stage are diagnosed through the test for the whole class or even the whole grade. However, the data of the test often only stay at the highest score, the lowest score, and the average score, and it is easy to ignore the guidelines for individual students.

How do make full use of modern teaching techniques such as audience response system learning tools to diagnose students’ learning situations effectively in real-time and realize accurate teaching?

Audience response system learning tool (often also referred to as the multiple-choice questions, classroom feedback, student’s answer, class interaction system), can help real-time comprehensive learning diagnosis, from “preparation, teaching, practice, tubes, review” process to achieve accurate teaching, through learning the big data analysis, help the teacher to fully grasp each link of the teaching, from teaching optimization, to discuss the details Promote teaching research and teaching improvement, and constantly improve the quality of teaching.

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Before the formal lecture, teachers can use the audience response system learning tool to initiate class questions to evaluate students’ basic cognitive state of the knowledge to be taught in class or to test students’ preview before class, and judge and decide how long this knowledge point needs to be spent in class according to the basic evaluation results. Teachers can also use the classroom interactive answer system to initiate student attendance check-ins, and quickly check the class absent students.

In class, the teacher after the interpretation of important knowledge, to understand students’ mastery of the knowledge, can use the Audience response system learning tool helps to diagnose learning situations and teach accurately at any time to initiate classroom questioning, and make the whole class use interactive quizzes to submit answers, generated automatically by the system real-time answering question situation, such as the class correct overall, easy wrong item, Answer answer wrong list of the students, and as the number of each answer option of selected data analysis chart to determine each student’s understanding of knowledge and absorption, accurately positioning emphasis and difficulty in the process of teaching, so as to timely adjust teaching plan or teaching progress, help realizes their aptitude in the true sense.

After all the knowledge to teach the lesson, the teacher can use the audience response system learning tool helps to diagnose learning situation and teach accurately has launched a set of quizzes, deepen the student the knowledge at the same time, the diagnosis of the whole class learning quickly and efficiently, if the problem of the test number is more, the teacher can advance ready to paper-based test, lets the student control using classroom questions one by one on the examination paper answer (in the options, The system will automatically statistics the answer of the objective questions, real-time generation of the whole class answer rate, the correct rate of each question and easy error items and student grades, teachers can also according to the answer rate of the high and low order to determine which questions belong to the high-frequency error questions, and based on these data analysis to dynamically adjust the teaching strategy. Answer data can automatically generate real-time data reports, and is permanently stored in answer software, which teachers can view and export at any time.

As a convenient, reliable, easy-to-use classroom interaction feedback tool, SunVote Audience response system learning tool helps to diagnose learning situations and teach accurately is now widely used in audience response systems in nursing education, middle school, university, and teaching culture under the do not change the original preparation habits, for teachers and schools to provide sign-in attendance, classroom participation, ranking, problem-solving test, wrong topic data such as multidimensional study data consolidation, Enrich students’ evaluation dimensions, and constantly improve teaching efficiency and effect through accurate teaching.

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