A Cost-effective Classroom Test & Exam Assessment Tool – Student Response System


In previous classroom teaching, teachers want to know whether the students have grasped the knowledge they taught in the class, the best way is to ask the students to do exercises. However, teachers usually can only inspect the results of a few of the student’s answers in the class due to the limited time rather than fully grasp the learning performance of the whole class. Besides, it is also time-consuming to explain to students one question by question, which slows down the teaching progress, and the correction and statistics of test papers are time-consuming and labor-intensive, which greatly affects the efficiency of the classroom. In this situation, modern smart device, like mobile phones or tablets is introduced into the classroom to solve the problems. Students can answer the question via the app installed on their mobile phones or tablets, and the system automatically collects and score the feedback data, and display the results in real-time, which greatly improves classroom efficiency. Despite all this, this way is difficult to popularize or widely used, because there are certain requirements for the hardware in the hands of students and the network environment deployed in the classroom. At least each student must be equipped with a mobile phone or tablet. considering the cost, many schools are restricted from using them in large quantities. Therefore, using information technology to create a low-cost or even zero-cost real-time student response system for classroom teaching, which can be quickly promoted and used, thereby multiplying classroom efficiency, has become an urgent problem that needs to be solved.


The student response system emerged as an easy and low-cost teaching tool. It consists of student clickers, a receiver, and a set of student response software. the student clicker is a handheld wireless device similar to a small remote control. The answer data input by the students through the student clicker will be received by the data receiver and transmitted to the student response software installed on the computer or whiteboard. The software will automatically mark the objective questions, and immediately display a visual report which includes correct or error rate, and student ranking in real-time in the form of various charts like a bar chart or a pie chart. The student response system frees the teacher from the heavy work of scoring papers, and helps teachers reduce 60% workload. What’s more, Teachers can instantly and easily obtain students’ performance, then they could adjust teaching progress in time and push the teaching to the right level.

How to use SunVote student response system for quizzes, tests, and exams in the class?

In class, after teaching a chapter or important knowledge points, the teacher can use the student response system to pose a group of questions about the content taught in the class to quickly understand the students’ mastery level of knowledge. Students use the student clickers to submit answers at their own pace. the student response system automatically obtains the correct rate and error-prone options for each question according to the correct answers and scores preset by the teacher, so as to teachers can explain the answers deeply in class after the quizzes and help students to consolidate and strengthen their knowledge retention.

After the class, the teachers can organize stage tests and examinations at any time by using the student response system, such as week tests, month tests, mid-term examinations, unified examinations, and so on, the system instantly and automatically scores objective problems and generate all kinds of teaching analysis reports to help teachers conduct a summative assessment of students’ learning.

Step 1:   The teacher imports the test/examination questions and students’ roster through SunVote student response system and sets the time and the correct answer and point of each question in advance.

Step 2:    the teacher starts the test or examination through the student response system, and the students input and submit the answer one by one at their own pace by using student clickers according to the questions on the test paper.

Step 3: ŸWhen the test/ examination time is up, SunVote student response system will automatically score students’ performance, summarize and count students’ scores and rankings, and display the assessment results on site.

Step 4:   all test data and reports can be automatically stored and exported by SunVote student response system, so teachers can analyze and diagnose students’ learning performance in real-time. In addition, they also can share the test results with the students and their parents.

User experience

” SunVote student response system is excellent. It reduces the workload of teachers in exam paper scoring and test assessment. For students, using the clicker is better than using a pen to answer questions. It also helps us to evaluate the teaching content.  I’m very satisfied with this system and have been widely used for other courses.”







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