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The original manufacturer of classroom response systems with 23 years of experience.10 Million users of student clicker covered more than 100 countries and regions around the world.180 classes on a single campus are used normally and steadily of interactive student response system at the same time.

classroom clickers

>100 Projects

Successfully involved in over 100 educational projects. Promoting Sunvote class response system to more than 100 smart classroom projects.

classroom response system

>50,000 Classrooms

SunVote has helped to establish more than 50,000 interactive smart classrooms in cooperation with global partners. Sunvote classroom response system has been installed into more than 50000 classrooms all over the world.

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>10,000 Schools

SunVote classroom response system and smart student response system are trusted by over 10,000 K12 schools and universities in the world.

As Asia’s leading original manufacturer of the classroom response system, SunVote has been specializing in research, production, sales, and service of interactive student response systems and classroom clickers since 1998, which are mainly used for classroom response, quizzes, and exams. Sunvote adheres to the product design concepts of “Reliable, Easy to Use and Cost Effective”, which provides worldwide users with a professional class response system and the purchase, rental, SDK, ODM & OEM service to fully meet their needs.

Based on customers’ actual needs, SunVote classroom response system and classroom clickers have been consistently optimized in the past 23 years, can meet the needs of the interactive classroom, classroom polling, in-class quizzes, homework quizzes, classroom contests, standard tests, and exams, as well as teachers/students evaluation. the classroom response system is your best choice no matter for smart classrooms and smart schools.

SunVote student clicker and class response systems have been successfully applied to public and private K12 schools, colleges, medical universities as well as training institutions, trusted by over 10,000 schools, and won a good reputation. Sunvote also has been well cooperated with education solution providers to help to create interactive classrooms and a reliable smart student response system worldwide. Sunvote classroom response system is your best choice to build a win-win business.

Classroom Response System Solution

SunVote is focused on making our best student response systems right for you and your school. The teaching efficiency has been greatly improved after using the smart student response system.

Classroom Response System

For Classroom Interaction & Instant Feedback

SunVote Student Response Systems (also called classroom response system or classroom interactivity voting system) is a light, cost-effective, and easy-to-use class polling tool for K12 schools and universities to engage students in the classroom and create an interactive, relaxed and interesting teaching & learning environment. SunVote Classroom Response system is combined with interactive student response clicker and classroom voting software, which can achieve full interaction between teacher and students, attract all students to actively participate in the class discussion, and help teachers get instant feedback of each student and class-wide performance data to easily assess students understanding and learning outcomes.

Classroom Response System

For Instant Test & Exam Assessment

SunVote Classroom Response System (also called student response systems and classroom voting systems) is widely used for in-class quizzes, standard tests, and high-stake examinations. It enables teachers to start quick tests at any time, and students answer objective questions with a student response clicker. The classroom response system automatically collects and scores answer data and is stored in a cloud platform in real-time, helping teachers reduce 60% marking workload. With SunVote Classroom Response System, the teachers can instantly and dynamically track, analyze and evaluate each student’s performance in or after class. Measure students’ progress easily! The classroom response system compares and evaluates learning/teaching outcomes efficiently!

See what our customers have said about Student Clicker & Classroom Response System.

We have been committed to providing customers with professional and reliable student response systems and diversified services to fully meet customer needs, and their recommendations and praise have also made us more confident in the future and strive to become better. SunVote student response clicker always is a good tool for classroom interaction and examination.

High School in Italy

With SunVote classroom response system, every student participates in class discussion and debate actively, especially for someone shy.  All students show more interest in my class. It is a magical classroom response system to engage students in class and help students express their real voices! SunVote classroom response system really enhances the funny environment of my lessons, I already recommended it to some close partner schools.

Smart Classroom Solution Provider in Pakistan

SunVote classroom response system seamlessly integrated with our Learning Management System and was a great success. The instant feedback of each student is automatically saved and good for further analysis and review. SunVote classroom response system really makes our solution become more competitive in Pakistan and did a good job already. Student response systems make our solution more interactive and promote our business.

Bay Primary School in South Africa

SunVote student response systems clicker is easy to use, which we liked as they are much smaller, lighter, and comfortable to hold. There were no disruptions throughout the class and the system was very stable. Every student holds a student clicker in hand and feels interested in them. SunVote free student response systems make our students feel free in the classroom and make our teacher more focus on learning itself.

SunVote Service about Classroom Response System

classroom response system
classroom response system
classroom response system

ODM/OEM services: We offer a wide range of interactive wireless vote clickers customization services from appearance to functions, including logo OEM, panel and color customization, hardware, and polling software customization.

SDK services: We have rich development experience of classroom interactivity vote system and can offer 5 Mainstream development platforms and languages.

Delivery services: We promise rapid delivery in 3 working days, DHL home delivery.

Quick response: We ensure to reply to you within 2 hours and provide you with a perfect classroom interactivity voting system as soon as possible.

Technical services: We provide a free demo and remote training for how to use SunVote free classroom response system, free remote technical support is also available for you.

After-sale services: We promise 2 years warranty for interactive wireless vote clickers and receivers, a free upgrade of polling software within 1 year, and lifelong technical support for SunVote clicker voting system.

classroom response system
classroom response system
classroom response system